Do I need to change to Indonesian Currency?

There’s no need to change into Indonesian Rupiahs as Singapore Dollar is accepted almost everywhere in Batam. But if you plan to explore the island, its always good to have some Rupiahs handy.

What to bring for the trip?

Most important – Your Passport & Cash for the trip. Bring the things you normally would when you go to the beach. Shades, bikinis, beach shorts, towels, flip flops, sun blocks, change of clothes, toiletries…

What happens if it rains?

The ski sessions will still go on under light showers.. We will pause if there’s lightning & thunder or a very heavy downpour. Don’t let the weather bother you if you’re adventurous and ready to do a water extreme sport. You’ll be wet anyway.

What happens if thunderstorm occurs and operation not possible to carry on?

Very rarely it happens. But if it happens, we will assess the situation and give appropriate discounts.

Is it safe in Batam ? Is our safety guaranteed?

The Ski Park is situated in Waterfront City where its well secured. Patrol officers are constantly on the move. It’s the safest part of Batam away from the town area. Yes we do guarantee your safety as long as you stay within the compound of Waterfront City.

If I choose to visit town or stay the night after the ski package, can the return ferry tickets be used on the later ferry or on the following day?

If you decide to visit town or stay overnight after spending the day with us, the return ticket from our package is open and valid for 6 months. You can choose to depart from Waterfront, Sekupang or Batam Centre terminal. See www.sindoferry.com.sg for schedules

Are the locker and shower facilities at the ski park?

Yes its available. Kindly bring your own padlock for the lockers.

What are the parking fees at Harbourfront Centre?

The cheapest parking spot would be the open air car park at Seah Imm Food Centre opposite Harbourfront Centre. For parking rates at Harbourfront Centre, kindly visit www.singaporecruise.com

I am bringing my wakeboard. Any special arrangements?

If you’re bringing your own wakeboard, we urge that you use a board bag or edge protector, as its required to be checked-in under Singapore Cruise Centre regulations. Kindly take note that the bindings must not be visible otherwise it will be charged S$10 for odd shaped items. Do unscrew the bindings and carry by hand if you are using edge protectors.

I am a non swimmer, can I still do it?

Yes definitely. You’ll be issued a coast guard approved life jacket and will be given instructions what to do if you fall. Don’t worry, you’ll not be sucked into the open sea, cos we’re in an enclosed lake. And our crews are always on the look out and ready to help non swimmers.

What happens when I fall?

Simply swim or paddle yourself to the shore, our crews on motor bikes will come get you and bring you back to the starting dock.

Is it ok to wear my glasses while learning to Cable Ski?

We do not recommend you wear your glasses to ski. In fact, we also advise not to wear any loose jewellery and watches. Because when you fall, it’s a split second thing. The impact can be quite strong and there’s no time to react. But if you really have to wear your glasses, make sure you have a good strap for it.

My girlfriend wants to bring her dog along, can hor?

Yes if she wants to apply for the permit and have the dog quarantined in Batam.

My Day Package includes the Ski Equipments. Then for my girlfriend, she taking the Spectators Package, got include what equipments ah?

You must be kidding me right brudder? We’ll give her a chair and maybe binoculars if we have.